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An Unfortunate Pause

Sam Link
Oct 10, 2019

Violin training has taken a detour, unfortunately, due to unforeseen health complications. Namely, I have diabetes, and thus routinely have to prick my fingers, and violin strings are thin and high tension.

Extended practice, accordingly, hurts.

This is an important lesson, though. Sometimes, you can’t achieve your goals in the pace you set for yourself. This is okay, because being gentle with yourself in a world that frequently is not is vital.

However, I still want to review ArtistWorks and how it works as a learning experience for music.

There’s a practical aspect to pursue, here. I spend several hours a week singing – either in the car, with friends (my housemates and I do a spot-on version of Steam Powered Giraffe’s “Brass Goggles”), or at synagogue – and I’d love to both improve my voice and protect it going forward. I sang in the University of Georgia Chorus twenty-one years ago…

…whoa. That was one of those moments of “I’m now talking about things in terms of multiple decades and I consider myself pretty young.”

…and I’d love to get back into singing condition.

Fortunately, ArtistWorks also has voice lessons, so I’m switching tracks until I figure out how to play strings with fingers that are riddled with lancet-marks.

So far, there was a lesson on how to massage your neck and throat and I had no idea how much tension I was carrying in my jaw until about an hour ago. Also, tongue stretches, which I love, because, I mean, tongue stretches. I had no idea these were something you could do, but they feel amazing, and also the phrase “tongue stretches” makes me laugh.

I’ve got some new things to work through, and a bunch of music to practice with since I can sing along to anything in my car.

So, this blog lives, though the focus has changed.