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Audiobooks Allow Book Binges, Even When You're Short On Time

Jeanne Peloquin
Jul 30, 2015

Audiobooks Allow Book Binges, Even When You're Short On Time

I love to read. I devour books in nibbles, in bites, or in gulps, when I can, rarely coming up for air. I'm perfectly happy immersing myself in words on a page, ignoring my surroundings in favor of the alternate universes offered by myriad authors.

I was the kid who tried to secretly read under the covers at night. Now I'm the adult who can’t stay up all night reading because I have work in the morning. The luxury of binging on a best-seller is often unavailable. I don't always have time to spend reading when I could use those hours to work on my house, walk my dogs, or drive wherever I need to go on a given day. Finally, I stumbled on a way to do it all. Audiobooks.

While I can't buzz down I-20 reading a bound copy of Andy Weir's debut novel The Martian, I can (and did) listen to the book on CD on my daily commute. I couldn't turn the pages of Stephen King's 2013 novel Joyland while simultaneously spackling, sanding, and painting my living room walls, but listening to it as a OneClick digital e-audiobook made the work feel like it was flying. I'd trip over my own feet if I tried to read Bull Mountain by Brian Panowich while walking my dogs, but, with my phone and a pair of ear buds, I can walk and listen.

I still prefer to read paper books. I love the sensory experience of snuggling down with my next read, cracking it open, and pouring through the pages, but, because life is short, I'm glad I have the opportunity to “read” audiobooks too. Now I have the option of nibbling through the pages of a book as I have time, or binging on audiobooks as I go through my hectic days. Audiobooks haven't replaced my love of the written word, but they have added to my ability to enjoy books, even when I’m busy.

If you'd like to supplement your reading with audiobooks, the Greater Clarks Hill Regional Library System has you covered. We have thousands of audiobook titles available as books on CD, and through the OneClick digital eAudio. Whatever your interests- fantasy, science fiction, mystery, or nonfiction- there’s a book waiting for you. If you need a suggestion, let me know, I'll share my tastiest new discoveries.

Jeanne Peloquin
Administrative Coordinator