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August is Read a Romance Month- Are You in the Mood?

Jeanne Peloquin
Aug 3, 2016

The weather outside is steamy, and it’s about to get even steamier between the covers of my next read. I’m trying a romance. I’ve never read a romance novel. Of course I’ve read books with romance in them- books with love, sex, relationships, and even the occasional love triangle. But this month is “Read a Romance Month,” and I’m going to take that challenge.

There are a few reasons I’m going to try a romance this month.

  1. Romance is an incredibly popular genre. Many of us have a knee-jerk aversion to romance novels, but romance is one of the most popular genres. For every nay-sayer, there is a flock of fans. Romance writing is a billion-dollar industry.
  2. Many romance writers are women. Female writers have historically had a much harder time getting published, and I believe in supporting writers. Romance is often written by, for, and about women.
  3. There are as many types of romance novels as there are genres of writing. There are paranormal romances, science fiction, fantasy, western, historical, contemporary, urban, LGBTQ, and more. There is a romance for every reader.
  4. I like seeing relationships develop over the course of a story arc. Stories are more interesting when relationships between characters change and develop over time. All action with static characters makes for a dull book.
  5. Romances often end happily, and that can be a nice break from the real world. It may also be a nice break from my usual recreational reading fodder, which slants heavily to science fiction and dystopian.

Wish me luck!