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Can’t Remember What You’ve Read? Your PINES Account Can Help

Jeanne Peloquin
Jul 26, 2016

I check out a lot of books. That’s probably not a shocker. Between cooking, crafting, and general recreational reading, I’m always finding a book to take home. I read them, I return them, and, often, I forget them. Do you do the same? Sometimes weeks, month, or even years later, I want to find a long-forgotten favorite.

There are a number of ways to keep from forgetting your books. You can create an account on Goodreads. There you can track, rate, and review your reading, and connect with other readers. It is a favorite among the staff here, but I’m a little too lazy to use it consistently.

I’ve kept a spreadsheet of books I’ve read, but I was never very good about keeping it up to date. I’ve even taken pictures of stacks of books as I returned them so I would be able to find them again. That didn’t work very well because it’s not searchable.

PINES has given me a great tool to help me keep track of what I’ve checked out while maintaining my laziness: Check Out History.

Before the most recent PINES upgrade, your checkout history was gone as soon as you returned your books. From a privacy perspective, this makes sense. Privacy is a central tenant of libraries, and your checkout history is private information. Now you can opt in to keep your check out history available in your account. The history is still private, and only you can see it.

If you’d like to opt in, log in to you PINES account via Under “Account Preferences,” select “Search and History Preferences” and check the “Keep history of checked out items” box.

Going forward, you’ll be able to see a list of your previously checked out items with no additonal effort. You can find your “Your Check Out History” tab right next to “Current Items Checked Out” under the “Items Checked Out” tab.

If you’d like to discontinue this service, simply uncheck the box and your history will be removed.