Greater Clarks Hill Regional Library


Fancy Nancy Tea Party

Amanda Schick
Sep 29, 2016

I love my job working in the Children’s Department of the Columbia County Library! We are offered so many great opportunities to interact with the public and have fun putting on amazing events! My daughter, Lainey, adores the “Fancy Nancy” books (written by Jane O’Connor). These books are great- encouraging vocabulary excellence, happy children, and good behavior. Since beginning my work at the library, I was hoping to get the chance to put on a Fancy Nancy Tea Party! With the help and imagination of my co-worker, Vicky, we were able to pull together a great event where fun was had by all!

I opened the party by reading a book. The girls came dressed in the finest (dolls and accessories included) and settled onto the carpet to hear the story! We had created handouts for the parents to show them the activities being offered. The rest of the party ran in stations that the girls could rotate amongst. We offered registration for this event (the parents had to drop by the library to sign their child up). This event worked very well with 25 kids (or under), at least in the space that was available to us.

The first station was a coloring station! We printed Fancy Nancy coloring sheets off of the official website and put out crayons for the girls to use. We had some very gifted and detailed artists! Sometimes, I think we forget how fun just the simple act of coloring can be!

The next station was “decorate your own butterfly.” Nancy loves all things fancy, so we put out glitter, jewels, and stickers for the kids to use. The butterflies were then taped onto pop-sicle sticks. This craft was delightfully simple, but also very successful.

We also set up a simple photo booth. We made a sign that “I Am So Posh!” and decorated it. We hung it up on the wall and asked parents to take pictures of their children under the sign. We also put out our photo booth props for the kids to use!!

Next up was “Pin the Bow on Nancy”! We made a poster on our prograf machine and laminated it. The girls took turns (with a scarf tied over their eyes) placing the bow on Nancy’s head!

The main draw of the party was the “decorate your own cookie” station. We used sugar cookies, vanilla icing, and sparkly sprinkles. Each child had their own disposable supplies (we put icing in dixie cups and had them use popsicle sticks for spreading their icing). We also served “tea” (also known as apple juice J ) Again, I suggest registration for this event, because the children were able to take their time at each of the stations and really enjoy themselves. The larger the event becomes, the harder this is to accomplish.

In addition, we had a “Fancy Word Wall.” We set up a white board and asked the girls to come write down any fancy words they knew onto the board. This was a last minute idea, but I’m so glad we included it. The words they came up with were great and it really drove home the main idea behind the Fancy Nancy books- the value of intelligence and raising girls who are well-spoken and well-mannered!

All in all, I believe everyone had a great time at our Fancy Nancy Tea Party. I hope for this to become an annual event, and I’m so excited to have had the chance to be a part of it!