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It's August, and I've Been Romance (Novel) Challenged

Jeanne Peloquin
Aug 15, 2016

In my previous post I accepted the challenge to read a romance novel, and I did it! I read The Raven Prince by Elizabeth Hoyt. I picked it after stumbling on Bustle’s article 9 Surprisingly Feminist Romance Novels to Read During ‘Read a Romance Month’ while searching for Read a Romance Month recommendations. Overall, I liked it! Anna Wren, the protagonist, is an upper-middleclass widow in 1760s England. When she realizes her finances are stretched to breaking, she bucks societal expectations and gets a job. Imagine that, a lady with a job! She becomes the secretary for the surly Earl of Swartingham. They slowly, grudgingly fall in love, and I’ll try not to spoil the whole story in case you’d like to read it.

There were some really cringe-worthy moments, and of course it was pretty explicit at times. Sometimes it was cringe-worthy AND explicit at the same time. Anna Wren made the book worth reading to me. She is an independent woman who is willing to defy the norms of the time to provide for her own happiness and security. She provides for herself financially, and she makes the first move with the Earl of Swartingham. As Sarah MacLean, author of Never Judge a Lady by Her Cover said, “the best romances are the ones where heroines take control of their lives and their worlds to achieve their goals.” By that definition, this is one of the best romances.

Have you read a romance yet? August is only half over, so you have two weeks to pick one and tell us about it on the Columbia County Library Facebook page.