Greater Clarks Hill Regional Library


Keeping Track of Future Reading Materials

Kristin Causey
Mar 20, 2016

My topic for this blog is using the completely wonderful (and underused)” My Lists” feature on your PINES account. These lists are perfect for keeping track of all the books you want to read so you don’t have to put them all on hold at once. Also, you may be looking for materials (for school projects and such) that you don’t need just yet, and this enables you to keep the items in one place in the system so you can put holds on them when you are ready.

Using the My Lists application is easier than you may think. First, you log in to your PINES account; and a helpful tip is to check the “Keep me logged in” box before you click “Log in” so you won’t have to keep logging back in if you pause too long. Next, search for the item you want. If you want to cast a wider net and see items from other libraries, make sure you change the location under the “Search within” section from Columbia County (or your local branch) to All PINES Libraries. When you locate the item, if you don’t want to place an immediate hold, click “Add to my list” to the right of the item and below the “Place Hold” option. If it is your first time, you will create a new list (and this is always an option). Title your list however you would like, and click “Submit.” To access this list and your saved items, you click the “My Lists” box in the top right corner of your PINES page. Click on the title of the list you made, then on the title of the item you saved, and PINES will pull up the page for that item so you can place your hold.

Personally, I use My Lists for two purposes. The first is for my eight year old nephew’s Book Adventure program at school. He needs books chosen off the Book Adventure website so he can take the tests on them after he finishes reading. Since his mother and I are often busy, I look up the books he can read in my free time and cross reference them to what is available in the PINES system. When I find matches, I log into my PINES account and add several of the books into my Book Adventure list. Using this feature means that when he is running low on books and I don’t have much time, I can simply pull the saved books off the list and place the holds. I don’t have to worry about getting all the books at once and I don’t have to constantly look up books on Book Adventure.

My other use of My Lists is personal. I love reading, but I’m also in school and don’t always have time for all the books I want. Also, some of the books I want tend to have temporary blocks on them at their home libraries because they are new and will only circulate within that system for the first six months. I keep lists on my account of the books I want to read as soon as I have time. I have lists for horror, non-fiction, audiobooks, biographies, and so on. This lets me pick from the genre I want when I want and all the item are already ones I know I am interested in. I like to search the suggestions on Goodreads and Amazon and cross reference them to what PINES carries, then place those items on my lists. This feature is particularly wonderful to me because I am incapable of keeping track of the pieces of paper I used to write “to read” lists on; it also takes out the extra step of looking it up again to place a hold. It’s so easy!