Greater Clarks Hill Regional Library


Love is a Good Book

Jeanne Peloquin
Jan 31, 2016

You may notice that some of the staff selections this month are love themed. Many of us enjoy reading by season, and with Valentine’s Day in February, love is in the air. Sharing a book is a wonderful way to say “I love you.” Sometimes that message is obvious, like when the book is Here Comes the Valentine Cat (by Deborah Underwood) like Zane in Harlem recommended or The 100 Best Love Poems of All Time (edited by Leslie Pockell)recommended by Sandra in Evans.

Sometimes the message is not quite so obvious. Sometimes sharing a book says “I love you” because the story is just so enjoyable that it needs to be shared- my gift to all of you on that front is The Inheritance Trilogy by N.K. Jemisin- or maybe it can teach a skill that will make your life better. For that, I recommend Kneadlessly Simple: fabulous, fuss-free, no-knead breadsby Nancy Baggett.

For children and parents, a book is gift beyond value that you can give for free with your library card. Children who are given the love of reading at a young age perform better in school and better in life. Literacy development begins at birth, and library programs such as 1,000 Books B4 Kindergarten and child enrichment classes help prepare your child for a lifetime of success.

This Valentine’s Day, skip the overpriced chocolates and flowers*, and share a book with someone you love. It’s a gift that will last far after the candies are gone and the roses wilted.

*You probably want to chat with your honey about this first. I won’t be responsible for any disputes that happen because someone was expecting chocolates and flowers.