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Make 2016 a Year of Learning

Jeanne Peloquin
Jan 3, 2016

How many of us will make resolutions for change at the New Year? Maybe you want to lose weight. Maybe you want to save money. These goals are great, but I propose a new kind of resolution this year: make 2016 a year of learning.

Learn to make something like cheese or jewelry or furniture. Learn to speak a new language or write a novel. Learn for the sake of learning, and find new passions to bring joy to your life. I think you’ll find that learning new things will bring joy to your life, and that joy will make your other goals easier to accomplish.

Research increasingly shows that lifelong learning does much more than just occupy your time. It protects your mind from depression, dementia, and other cognitive decline.

You don’t need hours of time or stacks of money to learn. You just need a little time and a little willingness to step out of your comfort zone. You can start for free at your nearest Greater Clarks Hill Regional Library branch or at We have the books, magazines, and premium online resources to get you started.

Try something new. Try something weird. Just try something.

Here are some ideas for resources to start:






Cheese making




Zinio magazines are also available for many topics.

Happy learning!