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New Features and Improvements to Transparent Language Online!

Sam Link
Jun 28, 2015

Good morning!

Transparent Language Online has added a number of new features to improve the user experience:

  1. For English as a Second Language learners, Transparent now offers localization, allowing the menus and operational information for the entire site to be displayed in your primary language, making it easier to use the ESL features within. At present, Spanish, Portuguese, and Turkish localization options are available, with Arabic and others coming soon. To localize the user experience, simply click on the round flag icon in the upper right corner of the Transparent Language screen.
  2. Also for ESL students, Transparent has added English-in-Context lessons to help with the learning process. This free service is available to anyone on, though the archives will require a Transparent Online subscription - fortunately, that subscription is provided for all GCHRL patrons as a benefit of your free library card!
  3. Finally, Transparent has added a mini-menu at the conclusion of each lesson, letting the user know where they are in the course and giving them an opportunity to go back and review information easily.

The American Coucil on the Teaching of Foreign Languages lists multiple benefits to learning a foreign language (1), including:

  • Language learning correlates to higher academic achievement on standardized test measures.
  • There is evidence language learning improve cognitive abilities
  • Learning a foreign language correlates to an offset in age-related cognitive losses
  • Research shows that foreign language speakers have a more positive attitude towards the target language and speakers of that language

You can sign up for access to Transparent Language Online today. Just use your library card to register at Transparent Online and enjoy the benefits of language learning.

As always, books are just the beginning.

Sam Link
System Services Librarian
Greater Clarks Hill Regional Library