Greater Clarks Hill Regional Library


Summer Reading: It’s Not Just Kids Stuff

Jeanne Peloquin
May 19, 2016

Summer Reading was always exciting for me as a kid. I enjoyed tracking and checking off the books I read and making progress towards the goal. I looked forward to the recognition and validation that came with turning in my reading log. The small prizes that came with the accomplishment were the icing on the cake. The Summer Reading Program is a rewarding way to encourage kids to do something that’s good for them.

Summer Reading Programs were initially developed to help children maintain and improve on their reading skills while school was out in the summer. It’s a constant struggle for parents, children, and educators to prevent skills loss when kids aren’t in school, and Summer Reading helps kids stay sharp.

Fast forward over two decades, and suddenly I’m excited about Summer Reading again. Did you know that the Greater Clarks Hill Regional Library System has a Summer Reading Program just for adults? We do, and it is so easy to participate. Pick up a card from your local branch, or print one off at home, and start checking things off.

This summer’s log is especially good for you, to go along with our adult Summer Reading theme: “Exercise Your Mind. Read!” The bingo-style card has squares with library-centric activities like “listen to an audiobook” mixed with good-for-you activities like “take a one-mile walk.” Once you’ve completed at least 6 squares you can turn in your log for a chance to win a new e-reader.

If you have kids, pick up a reading log for yourself when you’re picking up theirs. If you don’t, reconnect with your childhood by completing the Summer Reading Program. This year’s program runs from May 23 until July 15. Exercise your mind. Read!