Greater Clarks Hill Regional Library


Upcoming Library Activities!

Sam Link
Mar 27, 2016

There are several new, exciting events and activities at Greater Clarks Hill Regional Libraries:

  • Warren County Library is having a book sale through April 30. Proceeds will benefit library activities in their area.
  • Columbia County Library is hosting a Beginner’s Guitar Class on the second Tuesday of each month from 4:00-5:00pm. These classes are led by John Welch from the reference department, as well as the guitarist for The Unmentionables, who has written several blogs on what goes in to being a professional musician. Registration is required – please call 706-863-1946 to register.
  • There is also a Guitar Club meeting on the fourth Tuesday of each month for more advanced players, also led by Mr. Welch, accompanied by yours truly on bass.
  • The Friends of the Columbia County Library are having a book sale on the weekend of April 29 through May 1. They also have an eBay store which can be accessed via
  • Burke County Library has ongoing Microsoft Word classes Tuesday mornings from 10:30am-12:00pm. Please call 706-554-3277 for more information.
  • Harlem Library’s Factionless Fun Teen Book Club is holding its inaugural meeting April 14 at 4:00pm. Please call 706-556-9795 for details.