Greater Clarks Hill Regional Library


Upcoming Website Upgrades

Sam Link
Dec 6, 2015

The first few drafts of this were very dry, standard, business-style announcements. However, that doesn’t work for me for our January update because I’m incredibly hyped with everything we’ll be rolling out in the New Year.

  1. First, and this is to me the big addition, we are adding patron-level website accounts with a bunch of features tacked on involving reading lists, the ability to import your owned books from Goodreads, and online tracking of your family’s Summer Reading Program progress.
  2. Featured event announcements are getting a huge facelift from the current slideshow arrangement to a grid containing more information (like location!); the events automatically update as time passes, and both archives and all future events will be available for your viewing.
  3. We’re getting more social! More content is able to be directly linked to social media – blogs, book clubs, book club meetings, local authors, local authors’ books, and the archival photos can be shared with a single click to your Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts.
  4. On the technical side, we’re much more scalable and adaptable, so new content will roll out more easily.
  5. Some aspects of the calendar have been clarified, and it drops down from the menu now.
  6. All the contact forms are grouped together on the menu, whether you want to suggest a book for purchase, submit a volunteer application, or send in a comment.
  7. We’ve added the ability to increase the font size via JavaScript to increase accessibility.
  8. The overall style of the site is getting a facelift to a flat presentation.
  9. Automatic translation of content based on user location and language preferences.
  10. More events from across the entire region will be getting attention.

We’ll be releasing some screenshots in coming weeks. I hope you all will enjoy the changes as we continue to keep our online presence as close to cutting-edge as possible.