Greater Clarks Hill Regional Library


Using the Online Summer Reading Forms

Sam Link
May 31, 2016

This year, we're proud to offer online Summer Reading Completion forms! This new way of submitting your completion information saves on paper and helps the library with our statistics for the Summer Reading Program.

To get started, create a account by clicking the "Register" link in the upper-right corner, or selecting "Register" from the dropdown menu on a mobile device. If you already have an account, sign in and go to your profile using the link in the corner. From there, find the "Summer Reading" area in your profile menu - it will look like this:

Click on the appropriate age group, and fill out the form, and that's it! When you visit your local library, let them know you've completed the form online, and they'll be able to check the database for your name, or you can click on "Your SRP Entries" and print out all your completed forms, or pull it up on your phone or tablet.

In addition, you can use your SRP entry list to create a list of read books for your family members! Click here:

on "Add Books Read" to enter a list of books read by that individual, and then you can download that list for your child's school or your own records! If you tried this recently, you may have encountered a few bugs - but those have been squashed, and the book lists are fully functional.

We hope you all enjoy and make use of this new feature, and we look forward to seeing everyone this summer!