Greater Clarks Hill Regional Library


Welcome to Qello and Artistworks!

Sam Link, System Services Librarian
Feb 13, 2017

We’d like to announce the addition of two new premium resources available for free through Greater Clarks Hill Regional Library!

Qello Concerts provides free concerts and music documentaries streaming to your computer or mobile device. With genres from folk to metal, and everything from opera performances to behind-the-music style biopics, there’s something for every music lover.

If your musical dreams have you on stage more than in the audience, ArtistWorks provides expert instruction on wide range of musical instruments, as well as vocal lessons. With teachers like famed jazz bassist Nathan East, ArtistWorks has lessons for everyone from beginners to professional musicians.

Best of all, since both services are provided by RBDigital, you can access them with your OneClick Digital account!

We’re thrilled to continue to expand the services we offer to the public with these new resources; plus concert and music DVDs available, a wide range of CDs, and Columbia County Library offers Guitar Class and Guitar Club for aspiring musicians. And, of course, the library has music instruction books, songbooks, and even books on making your own instruments – though, as always, books are just the beginning.