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Zinio Digital Magazines is Changing!

Sam Link
Mar 2, 2015

Hello GCHRL Patrons!

If you are a user of the ZINIO digital magazine service, you will want to know about these upcoming changes to their system.

Zinio has operated as two separate services since its inception - one a commercial retailer of digial magazines and periodicals (, the other providing digital magazines and periodicals to libraries (Zinio for Libraries). Users were required to have separate logins for and Zinio for Libraries as the services did not overlap. This, clearly, is an inconvenience to users of both services - I know I've found myself confused when I can't find my subscriptions to one due to being logged in to the other.

However, later this month - around March 10th - Zinio is introducing a One Account experience where users will be able to combine their and Zinio for Libraries into a single portal. The online portals via your Macintosh or Windows computer will be immediately available as One Account access, as will the iPad and Android versions of their mobile application. Unfortunately, iPhone and Kindle users will have to wait until later this year when the One Account-enabled apps are released to their respective marketplaces. Accordingly, it is important to keep your Zinio app up to date this month, as the functionality will be changing considerably.

If you have any questions, please feel free to talk to anyone in the reference department, or to send me an email.

Thank you,

Sam Link, MLIS
System Services Librarian
Greater Clarks Hill Regional Library