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ESL Facilitator Resources

Dave’s ESL Cafe
Dave’s ESL Cafe offers a multitude of grammar lessons on topics such as adjective clauses, conditional sentences, gerunds, regular and irregular nouns, prepositions, verb tenses, etc.

Hopelink Adult Education
Hopelink offers a bank of resources for Adult ESL tutors ranging from lesson plans and ideas to ice breaker type exercises. The site is operated by tutors, so there are also helpful practical and conceptual tips for tutoring.

English for Everyone
English for Everyone allows tutors to access a range of resources to help in teaching reading and grammar skills, as well as provides a list of lesson plans and ideas.

English Club
English Club features a wide range of lessons and quizzes at various levels. Not all of the lessons include audio, but many of them do.

The Idiom Connection
The Idiom Connection offers explanations of hundreds of idioms, together with quizzes to practice them. No audio.

Sounds of English
Sounds of English is a site operated by ESOL teachers, where they share their favorite links, handouts from previous presentations, English pronunciation pages - Activities and exercises for English pronunciation and listening, and tips for teachers. The site also has listening exercises with printable worksheets and teacher guides along with pictures, sounds, and videos to help with learning English pronunciation.

Azar Grammar
Azar Grammar offers free materials for all levels that have been contributed by fellow teachers and include worksheets and expansion activities.

CAELA Network
CAELA Network's website offers research reviews on how adults learn English pronunciation and provides tips on ways to teach pronunciation more effectively. For advanced students.

ESL Flow
ESL Flow offers multiple conversation topics with additional exercises for all levels.

News for You
This website offers relevant, contemporary news stories to aid ESL learners in developing their reading, writing, and speaking skills. Seven engaging stories are posted each Wednesday, along with audio, exercises, vocabulary, a crossword puzzle, and a poll.

eduPASS offers information on American "social customs and cultural differences." There are a lot of nuances to life in the United States. This site introduces some of the more important cultural ones.

Voice of America News
Voice of America News has news and feature stories (some audio, some video) on a wide variety of topics. The language level of normal broadcasts is fairly difficult, but you can read a transcript while you listen to the audio recording.

Five Paragraph Essay Wizard
The Five Paragraph Essay Wizard offers help on writing effective essays.

Southwest Adult Basic Education
Southwest Adult Basic Education attempts to define the a scope and sequence of skills for ESL learners.

Transparent Language
Transparent Language is a web-based language learning program offered by the Columbia County Library. You will need an active library card to access this program. Transparent Language offers endless ways to study and practice a new language to include English for non-English speakers.

Mango Languages
Mango is an online language learning program offered by the Columbia County Library. You will need an active library card and the Galileo password to access this program. Mango has English courses for speakers of other languages.

ESLgold has everything you could want for learning English. There are hundreds of lessons for speaking (including common phases for conversation, & role play/conversation topics) grammar, vocabulary, idioms, pronunciation, reading, writing, etc, and most lessons include audio. There are also hundreds of quizzes, good links to other ESL web sites, and textbook recommendations.

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab
The ESL Cyber Listening Lab lets you hear everyday conversations with adult and children's voices. It offers pre-listening exercises, comprehension questions, vocabulary activities, post-listening exercises, and related discussion topics.

ESL Notes
ESL Notes offers a practical approach to vocabulary acquisition using movies. ESL students are able to read the synopses before seeing an accompanying film, which has been proven to increase their level of comprehension. Each individual movie guide functions as a synopsis of a popular movie that consisting of plot summary, a list of the major characters, an extensive glossary of vocabulary and various cultural references that even advanced ESL learners would often not understand, and questions for ESL class discussion.

Equipped for the Future
The Equipped for the Future website offers a framework for adult learning. It provides an explanation of this framework including the four purposes for learning, the three role maps, the 13 common activities that overlap the roles, and the 16 EFF Content Standards. The EFF Content Standards are the fundamental tools in facilitating the EFF approach to teaching, learning, & assessing and for program improvement.

Universal Class
Universal Class is the Library's online resource for lifelong learning. You will need an active library card to access. It offers over 500 education courses in over 35 different subjects, including English Grammar, Writing, and Vocabulary Building.

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