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ESL Student Resources

Real English
Real English uses authentic videos (of interviews with ordinary English speakers on the street) to teach basic listening, vocabulary, and grammar skills in a meaningful context. Each interview video is accompanied by a series of related short audio or video segments that are used in matching, sentence completion/construction, and other exercises.

EZ slang
EZ slang features recorded conversations that incorporate lots of natural-sounding examples of slang, idioms, and “reduced” speech (“wuh-d’yuh-mean?”). Each conversation comes with a written transcript, definitions of the slang/idioms/reductions, additional sentence examples, and a practice quiz.

OM Audio
OM Audio offers more than 50 conversations on a variety of topics, (in both American and British English), along with a transcript, Spanish translation, photo, and completion quiz for each conversation.

Passport to English
Passport to English offers lessons on practical topics like greetings, food, health, etc. Each lesson starts with a vocabulary list that you can listen to, and sometimes see a picture of, but you must look up their meanings through google translate (or another device). Once you have looked up the words, you can work through an extensive series of lessons and interactive activities for vocabulary, grammar, writing, reading, listening, and pronunciation. Many of these activities include audio.

Communicating at Work
Communicating at Work is a project of the Asian American Civic Association of Boston. It features audio dialog and videos of common workplace scenarios, such as communicating with co-workers, customers, and supervisors, asking for clarification, cultural differences, reporting problems/progress, etc. The language level is fairly advanced. Lessons are quite detailed and include practice quizzes.

The English Minute
The English Minute offers short videos to teach vocabulary and grammar. Each video is followed by a short interactive quiz.

ESL Fast
ESL Fast is a huge free online English learning resource of short readings accompanied by audio for beginners and intermediate learners.

English Listening Lesson Library Online (ELLLO) offers listening activities to improve fluency. Some worksheets and games available.

University of Victoria Study Zone
This website was designed for adult students at the University of Victoria, but would be useful for all ESL learners aiming to practice their grammar and reading skills. It includes grammar lessons and exercises on topics such as adjectives/pronouns, adverbs, conditionals, conjunctions, imperatives, modals, nouns, parts of speech, punctuation, and verbs.

Language Guide
Language Guide allows the learner to explore the world of English vocabulary in a sound integrated guide. Touch or place your cursor over an object, word, or phrase to hear it pronounced aloud. Prove your vocabulary mastery by completing challenges.

Visual Dictionary Online
Merriam Webster’s Visual Online Dictionary presents very detailed images/audio related to 15 themes, such as science, the arts, and society, enabling students to see and hear the pronunciations of more than 6,000 words.

Welcome to the U.S.A.
The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is the official site for essential government resources and information for new immigrants settling in the United States.

Transparent Language
Transparent Language is a web-based language learning program offered by the Columbia County Library. You will need an active library card to access this program. Transparent Language offers endless ways to study and practice a new language to include English for non-English speakers.

Mango Languages
Mango is an online language learning program offered by the Columbia County Library. You will need an active library card and the Galileo password to access this program. Mango has English courses for speakers of other languages.

OneClickdigital is the Library's online resource for eBooks and eAudio books. You will need an active library card to access. Titles include the best literature in a wide variety of genres, along with an outstanding collection of award-winning children’s and young adult books.

LearningExpress Library
Learning Express is the Library's interactive online learning platform of practice tests, exercises, and skill building courses. You need an active library card and the Galileo password to access the information. It offers study material for improving many subject areas from elementary school level through high school and college preparation. There are also practice tests for the GED, SAT, TOEFL, etc.

Universal Class
Universal Class is the Library's online resource for lifelong learning. You will need an active library card to access. It offers over 500 education courses in over 35 different subjects, including English Grammar, Writing, and Vocabulary Building.

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