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Galileo Kids Search
Galileo Kids Search provides the power of Galileo in a child-friendly form.

Kid's Health gives kids honest and age-appropriate information on health, illness, and puberty, as well as quizzes and games to help them retain the information and fun facts about the body.

National Geographic Kids
National Geographic for Kids hosts many games, fun facts, and biographies of researchers and scientists who do interesting and notable work. With subjects from dinosaurs to deep sea diving, every child is sure to find something of interest here.

Environmental Educational for Kids
Environmental Education for Kids - provided by the Department of Natural Resources in Wisconsin - contains a wealth of information on wildlife and conservation to encourage children to preserve the natural world.

Discovery Kids
The Discovery Channel Kids' site features a wide variety of information including an extensive "Dinopedia." In addition, there are many educational games available for children to choose from.

NeoK12 hosts a by-subject directory of educational videos and practice quizzes covering everything from the hard sciences to history.

eSebco Nonfiction Library
eSebco offers access to nonfiction and educational content aligned with common core standards for children and teens.

eRead Kids
eRead Kids is a digital library for readers Pre-K through 4th grade.

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