Greater Clarks Hill Regional Library


3D Print Design Contest

Columbia County Library, June 2, 2020 3:00PM-July 17, 2020 3:30PM

The 3D Design Challenge is a chance for you to show off your 3D print design skills! Design an object based on the prompt below. Participants will get their design printed, displayed, and earn a sweet participation badge. 

Prompt: Life in Another World: Make something that you might find in another world. This world can be from a book you’ve read or completely made up inside your head.


1) Your submission must be your own work! Please, do not use 3D models designed by other people. That's plagiarism! 

2) In order to complete the challenge, your design must be successfully printed. If your design does not work structurally or follow our 3D print policies, then you will be asked to rework your submission and try again.

3) Please use the 3D print curbside pickup form, located here, to submit your file. Be sure to properly format your file name so we will know to contact you for prize redemption! Please format your filename as follows: YourName_3DChallenge

Printable flyer available here.