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Indescribable (2014)

ISBN: 978-1502783806

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Bryce Gibson

MEGHAN LANGLEY is deeper in the world of Fractus than she ever thought possible. With her otherworldly boyfriend right by her side, she is searching for the magical book that she believes holds the key to releasing him. Problem is, time is running thin. Primordial law says that since she has been marked to be Embry’s True Love that they must spend the rest of their lives together in Fractus, and there are three vulture-like creatures that have been ordered to find them and bring them there. And she knows that anyone that betrays the laws of the Primordial must face the ultimate punishment known as The Indescribable. As Meghan is searching for the book, someone else is seeking his own redemption. Long ago, Thorn Rimbault’s family created Fractus as an act of revenge, and over the past two centuries, countless people have been hurt because of it. The thick cloud of guilt over what his family started has trickled down through the generations, and Thorn is determined to find the talisman that could put an end to it once and for all. The fates of Meghan and Thorn are intertwined through time and worlds as each of them seek to do what they think is right.