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Unclaimed Acre (2014)

ISBN: 978-1499719925

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Bryce Gibson

After losing his job, Levi Stanley returns to the small South Carolina town where he grew up. Devlin is a picturesque town full of old homes, endless miles of farmland, the annual Squash Festival and the legend of a ghost that haunts the area surrounding Hollyhock Lake. It is the town that Levi swore to himself he would never return to. There were just too many unwanted memories lingering about. The visit is supposed to be quick and with the single purpose of putting the house that has been in his family for generations on the market, but after wandering to the unused acre of land behind the home, people and things from the past begin to surface and he is forced to face the consequences of events that happened long ago. Soon he discovers that there is someone else in Devlin that doesn’t want him there at all… Unclaimed Acre is a novel about the past and the way it shapes our future, stories we are told and what we think is true. It is about the way we understand things, coincidence, fate and destiny, the secrets we hold and the ones we tell, the decisions we make and their far reaching effects. Both a love story and a mystery, Unclaimed Acre explores the past and the ghosts that often travel with it.