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Secrets in the Islands (2012)

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Cache Perez

“Secrets” - The things that we hope and feel are private and unknown, and things that we keep inside or share with only a few. We feel that we can control the secrets of our lives, but little do we know that secrets have a life of their own. Sometimes, we embrace secrets and sometimes we fear them. Secrets can be strong enough to seemingly bring happiness to a life or fragile enough to destroy one. – But, never ever be so naive to think that you alone will forever own your secrets in the so called safe place of your heart. Your heart beats to enable you to live and to feel emotions. Your existence is not relegated to just your life. Each breath you make and every turn you take effects another life. -- Maybe the effect is not seen or the implications understood in the immediate present, -- but your life, your existence. – And, your secrets are designs from many fabrics. Beware what dresses or suits your fabrics make that even the closet people to you now eventually have to wear, and, most times, not by choice. Good, bad, beautiful, or downright ugly, --- they are our secrets. We live with them and sometimes die from them. They make someone’s life and break another life. But, relax, because we say to our self, “Life is quick and fleeting with little time to grieve over the secrets of our heart and the tangled webs they weave.” A book of fiction and some true short stories with shadow of lies, until one day the entire generational curse of lies, deceit, and anger destroyed many people’s lives that were connected to them. Get ready to see just how one lie can curse the entire humankind if you are not careful!