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The U.S. Census Closes on September 30th!

Your participation in the census is essential for accurate political representation on both the State and Federal level

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Dan de kock

Dan de kock

Dan was born and raised in South Africa, and his wife Jan in Pennsylvania. They lived in Canada for a few years and then in New Zealand for seventeen, returning to the USA in 1988. Dan worked in the everyday world for many years and then taught in community colleges. He is also a Bible teacher and has taught in a number of churches over the years. He has written three books - Standing Firm in a Time of Shaking, It's Time to Walk on Water, andA Tale of Two Churches. He currently teaches a Bible Study at Grace Restoration Church in Augusta, GA where he and his wife are members. Jan is a portrait painter and artist. They have two children, Sarah and five granchildren. His website is

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