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David Hanks

David Hanks

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David H. Hanks, a native of Morven, Georgia, was among the award winners of the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize given to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and its Director General, Mohamed El Baradei.  David held an International Nuclear Safeguards Inspector post at the IAEA for over six years, at the IAEA headquarters located in Vienna Internationa Center, Vienna, Austria.  The award was made for efforts in preventing nuclear energy from being used for military purposes and to ensure that nuclear energy for peaceful purposes is used in the safest possible way.

David published The Disappearance in 2007, which has sold over 6,000 copies.  The true crime novel is based on his mother's disappearance that occurred in 1972, near his family's hometown in South Georgia.  David has also published two other novels; Black Waters andPower & Ore -- both nuclear thrillers.  Professionally, he has published several technical papers regarding nuclear materials management and techniques used in safeguarding nuclear materials held by facilities in various countries around the world.

David's experience in the nuclear field began when he joined the U.S.Navy.  During his 6 years of military service he was trained in nuclear power plant operations and qualified as a Chief Reactor Watch-stander aboard USS Nimitz.  After leaving the Navy in 1983, David began a career with the Entergy Corporation, acquiring his Bachelor's of Science degree in nuclear engineering while working as a nuclear operator.  David was issued a Senior Reactor License by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for the operation of Grand Gulf Nuclear Station (GGNS) located in Port Gibson, Mississippi and worked as a Shift Manager there until leaving GGNS in 2002 upon his appointment by the Director General of IAEA to his post as Nuclear Safeguards Inspector.

David has been living in Columbia County since 2009.  In addition to the true crime novel and the first two nuclear thrillers, he has a new novel coming out this year called Euphrates Yield.  Regarded as one of the newest great fiction writers of our time, he has been able to use his formal training in the Nuclear Field to draw readers' attention to real life experience, used as a format, to construct, vivid, colorful, and action packed stories.


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