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Christianity: So What! (2012)

ISBN: 978-1469912981

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Gilbert C. Ward

After a drunken night, Clarence Gronamen wakes up in a strange room on the north side of Chicago. Still with difficulty he learns he had made some kind of religious decision and struggles in his mind as to what happened. The time is 1973 and takes place at the Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago. John Slade is a lawyer for the mob and is hiding out at the mission. Warren Davis is an undercover agent assigned at the mission to protect John until an arrest can be made. Many of the stories in the book were actual experiences the author had with some of the characters of the book such as the drug dealer in South America and the young man ready to shoot himself. Clarence, the main character of the book was a man that befriended the author when he was ten years old and they were friends for over thirty years. In real life Clarence was never an alcoholic. The reader will experience sitting in on some of the morning devotions, the talk around the table while the men ate, and the sharing of personal testimonies by the men of skid row. The book in story form, presents Biblical truth concerning the basic experience of Salvation, and the Christian walk with Jesus Christ. The author spent many hours at the Pacific Garden Mission as a teenager and later in college. He was the young man in the book that brought the drunken man to his home for the night when the man had no place to sleep.