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Beauty and the Highlander (2015)

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Hildie McQueen

Discover this wonderful, compelling medieval romance that will transport you to the beautiful Highlands into a beautiful page turning love story. Laird's son Carrick Gordon is scarred for life and expects his betroth's rejection, so he prepares for it by putting up a solid wall. When Analise Macgregor sees her husband to be, she is enthralled by the quiet man who wants nothing to do with her. How will they ever come together and find happiness? Will Carrick and Analise get past preconceived perceptions to finally admit their mutual attraction? Carrick Gordon gave his word and now he will marry a lass he's never met. After lying with her long enough to procure an heir, he will release her from the marriage bed. She won't fight it. Carrick is certain one look at his marred face and she'll recoil in horror. It had to be a cruel joke. Analise Macgregor cannot believe the handsome man is to be her husband. That he rejects her after a wonderful night is hurtful, but not surprising once she sees how Carrick keeps everyone at a distance.