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Leslie J. Pollard Sr., Ph.d

Leslie J. Pollard Sr. is a native of Columbia County and a product of the public schools. After graduating from Paine College he taught at Blanchard High School for five years before being admitted to Syracuse University where he earned both his Masters and Ph.d. degrees. After a year at Voorhees College, Dr. Pollard joined the faculty of Paine College in l978 as Chair of the Division of Social Sciences. In 1996, the president of Paine College appointed Dr. Pollard to the Callaway Professorship. In addition to writing three books, he has authored scholarly articles, made presentations and performed numerous other duties associated with being a college professor. Dr. Pollard retired in 2011 after almost thirty years at Paine College. He is currently studying African American education in Columbia County prior to 1970. Dr. Pollard is married with two adult children.

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