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Daylight in the Night (2018)

ISBN: 978-1532034672

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Luther McDaniel

Joy Jackson, news anchor at CNN World News, has reached the zenith of her career as a television journalist. Her complacency is abruptly interrupted when she runs into an old high school classmate, Jeannetta, whose life has been devastated by a crack cocaine addition. Shocked at the appearance of her old classmate, she decides to investigate and produce a documentary on the devastation this drug wreaks upon an otherwise promising life. Joy's zealous research carries her too far. She samples the drug attempting to gain a more authentic perspective of the drug's effect. Three years later Joy is in disbelief at the depths of her fall from grace. Cocaine addiction has led to the loss of her prestigious job, her family, and the near loss of her best friend, Lisa Farrow. The insatiable compulsion has pushed her into the squalid world of prostitution, her only means of supporting a consuming habit. Lisa is sure that faith in God and prayer will lift Joy from the terrible pit into which she has fallen.