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The Third Cross (2014)

ISBN: 978-1602902343

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Luther McDaniel

Sam can never forget or forgive what happened a year ago. But the next shocking events will utterly alter his world. Trial lawyer Sam Davis used to fight tirelessly for justice and volunteer countless hours at his church. But his life - and his marriage - began to fall apart the day his ten-year-old son drowned at a Bible school picnic. A year later, during a morning commute, Sam issues God an angry ultimatum: "Prove you're real, or I'll spend my life refuting your very existence!" Seconds later, Sam's car is hit by an eighteen-wheeler. He sees himself being lifted from the chaos . . and awakens in tumultuous first-century Jerusalem, three days before the arrest of Jesus Christ. Suspected as a spy, Sam is plunged into a world of betrayal, politics, violence, and a startling message of naked truth about his own life. A unique story that defies logic, restores faith, and transforms hearts.