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A Fragrant Fullness: The Spiritual Essence of Everyday Life (2004)

ISBN: 978-1889893907

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Marsha Maurer

From flowers to perfume, from cooking smells to the fragrances of Creation around us, this book details the myriad of scents and fragrances that permeate our lives. Drawing a spiritual allusion and application from each, this book will help women examine spiritual issues which effect their world and their lives in scented recognition. This inspirational book uses scented allusions to convey spiritual messages for everyday lives. It speaks to a wide variety of readers’ spiritual concerns, including suffering, prayer, forgiveness, solitude, serenity, child-rearing, aging, despair, contentment, relationships, and the promise of heaven. Spiritual analogies drawn from the garden, anecdote, history, Bible stories, perfume, and the environment around us are highlighted with Scripture passages and applications to Christian living.