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Ripples (2015)

ISBN: 978-0692456484

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Meghan Rauscher

MARINA. THAT DREADED NAME IS ALWAYS ON LISSIE’S MIND. BUT NOW THERE IS A NEW NAME THAT HAUNTS HER EVERY NIGHTMARE. After weeks of endless waiting and anxious worrying, Lissie is more than ready to save Patrick from his captors in Hyvar. The Lathmorians are ready to attack and this time she’s going with them. Slipping past the frontlines of battle, Lissie and Elik plunge into the depths of the castle toward the dungeon. What they never could have expected is the sight that meets their eyes. An empty cell throws Lissie into a panic and searching for answers she runs into a hostile Hyven soldier who forces her to face the truth: Patrick is gone. Crushed beyond comprehension, Lissie leaves Hyvar empty handed but as she slowly begins to breathe life back into her lungs she realizes Morven is still playing a game. A game in which he is the master and she is the sole participant. Her every action sets forward a reaction he has predicted within the confines of his game. But what happens when she begins to make her own rules? In a new mindset, Lissie begins to make her own path and wonders just how fine she can walk the line of allegiance between the Lathmorians and the Hyven. When she left Hyvar to save herself, she left her heart behind with Patrick. Now that he’s gone he left her with no one to protect her…or did he? The epic tale that began with Lissie’s transformation in DROPLETS continues in another story unlike any other written before.