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Hidden Treasures (2018)

ISBN: 978-1545624319

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Ruby Mae O'Dell

Hand Over the Jade Heart or Else! Trouble is brewing in Cascade Valley, Tennessee, for single mom, Shayla Lornette. The note left on her register when her beloved shop is ransacked demands she hand over the Jade Heart - or else. Knowing she and her twin siblings are in danger, but with no idea who left the note or even what the note refers to, she turns to the man who broke her heart four years ago. After running from the love of his life, Josiah Sawyer never expected to see Shayla again-much less find her unconscious in her dad's shop on Main Street. He knows Shayla will never forgive him for leaving her; but when she and the twins are threatened, he'll do everything he can to protect them. But keeping his heart guarded while protecting them proves difficult the more he reconnects with Shayla; and all the while, her stalker keeps growing more desperate. Josiah and Shayla must lay their past aside in order to solve the mystery of the Jade Heart. But will they solve it in time? Can they work together while guarding their hearts? Or will God rekindle the love they thought they'd lost forever?