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Dear God, We Need To Talk (2008)

ISBN: 978-1438921600

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Stephanie Captain

Dear God, We Need To Talk "I sat and I waited, and I waited and I sat. I don't know why and I don't know for whom. I looked up at the stars. They twinkled here and there. The moonlight was radiant, and somewhere in the darkness I could hear an owl conversing with the night. I supposed they never worried. I thought about that, never worrying, and wondered how it could possibly feel. Obviously they all had purpose and appeared to do well at it. I had never known a star to have an anxiety attack. Did the moon wonder what it would do when dusk came? Or the sun at dawn? How often did the wildflowers fret or the grass complain? How absurd! Should I be any different? I meditated on that while I sat in the middle of nowhere in the dark of night on the way to where I knew I wanted to be." Thank you for listening Dear God, We Need To Talk will have you at the edge of your seat as you turn each page. It is a echo of what our hearts really need to express but somehow can not seem to translate.