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East Wind (2006)

ISBN: 978-1425964405

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Stephanie Captain

Meditation is one of the highest forms of spiritual development. What you ponder, you will produce. What you produce, you and those around you will reproduce. We are not a product of our environment; our environment is a product of our thoughts. It is then wisdom to "on purpose" meditate on what and where we aspire to go. "The thoughts of the righteous are right," (Pr. 12:5a NKJV) It is said that the east wind is one of the most powerful. It serves a dual purpose: to drive out that which bears no value and causes pain, and usher in that which is in harmony with life in its supreme state. It was the east wind that made dry land for the children of Israel to be set free from their oppressor. It was the east wind that brought in the locust to destroy the crops of their enemy. It was the east wind that ushered in meat for God's people to eat in the wilderness. It was the east wind that destroyed the ships of Tarshish. Since creation man has always looked to the east for refuge and deliverance. The East Wind is still blowing today. As you turn each page of this riveting book of proverbs and meditations you will know that you are growing into a greater state of being according to who you were meant to be, an instrument of God.