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Help Lord, I Married A Golfer (2010)

ISBN: 978-1449081713

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Stephanie Captain

The Code 1. Never, never, ever tell him to, "Take his clubs and shove them" (at least not where he can hear you). 2. Hit not thy husband with an iron! 3. No aiding and abetting golf equipment (this includes backing over it with the car). 4. Sell not thou husband's golf clubs in a garage sale. 5. Thou shall not put his golf tees in the fire place. 6. Thou shall not become a heckler. 7. The score card is the little black book you don't throw away. 8. Golf carts are driven over bridges, not into them. 9. Trophies are not paperweights. 10. You do NOT get a parking privilege for his handicap.