Greater Clarks Hill Regional Library


Georgia State Park Pass

Georgia Public Libraries and the Georgia State Park system have partnered for the past ten years to provide all Georgians access to the state's history and natural wonders! Every library in Georgia offers a Georgia State Park Pass which gives free parking at any state park in the state - an average savings of $5. Also, the Park Pass provides admission for up to four people to any of seventeen state historic sites, which saves $3 to $5 per person!

Also available is the Georgia State Park Discovery Backpack! This kit contains a pair of binoculars along with guides to Georgia's plants, birds, and wildlife!

Both items are available with a seven-day checkout, with one renewal possible. Late charges for both items are $3.00 per day. The replacement charge for the Park Pass is $100.00. The replacement charge for the entire Discovery Backpack is $75.00. Partial replacement charges are $35 for the backpack itself, $15 for the binoculars, and $8 for each guide contained in the pack.

New Guidelines

  1. Historic Site Family Pass is for General Admission only, not valid for special events, tours, or program fees.
  2. Patrons may only check out the Pass once every four months per family.
  3. Historic Site Family Pass may only be used once per day, per site, per family.