Regional Library Board Meetings
March 14, 202311:00am
May 23, 2023*11:00am
September 12, 202311:00am
December 12, 202311:00am
Columbia County Library Board Meetings
February 7, 202311:30am
March 14, 202311:30am
April 11, 202311:30am
May 23, 2023*11:30am
September 12, 202311:30am
October 10, 202311:30am
November 14, 202311:30am
December 14, 2023*11:30am

* Indicates changed meeting date

All boards meet in the conference room at the Evans Library, 7022 Evans Town Center Boulevard.

Please fill out this form if you wish to speak at a board meeting 7 days prior to the meeting.

Please contact:

Mary Lin Maner