If I have a PINES card from another system, can I use it at a GCHRL branch?

Yes, if you have a PINES card in good standing from another library system, you can use it here!

How long can I keep an item checked out?

The length of time you can keep an item out depends on the item type: New adult fiction circulates for one week, DVDs circulate for one week, children’s books circulate for two weeks, older adult fiction circulates for two weeks, audiobooks circulate for two weeks, and all nonfiction circulates for two weeks

How much are fines?

Fines are variable depending on item type.

Books – $0.20 in fines per day late.

DVDs  – $0.50 in fines per day late.

E-books & e-audiobooks have no late fines.

Some specialty items or materials from the Library of Things may be fined at other rates.

What do I need to apply for a library card?

When you apply for a card, you will need to present a photo ID and proof of current address. If you live outside of Georgia, you will either need to provide proof of employment within Georgia, property owned within Georgia, current enrollment at a school in Georgia, or pay an additional fee ($12.50 for six months, $25.00 for a year) in order to get a card. Minors will need a parent’s or guardian’s signature as well. In addition, legal guardians will need to bring proof of guardianship in order to sign for a minor’s library card.

Please note that no library cards will be issued or renewed during the last thirty minutes of the business day.

Do I need my library card to check out items?

Yes, under state library policies we do need your library card to check out items. If you download the PINES app, it will provide a virtual version of your card that can be scanned.

Why is my card not working?

If you find your card is not allowing you computer access, or is not working at the self-checkout kiosk, please ask for assistance at the circulation desk. There are two common problems that occur: First, if you accrue fines in excess of $10.00, your account is no longer considered in good standing and you will not be able to use many library services. Secondly, every two years, your card will expire. At that time, you will need to provide proof of current address and pay any outstanding fines in order to reactivate your card.

I placed a book on hold. When will it come in?

The time it takes to fulfill a hold varies depending on where the book is coming from, the popularity of the title, and the number of copies available. Unfortunately, we cannot provide or guarantee an exact date on which the title will be available.